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Tanya’s Tasks

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Everybody is so grateful to Tanya for all the work that she has put in to save their sanity during solitude that they have given permission for their work to be shown ‘warts and all’.

We hope that you will find these interesting but also encourage you to have a go yourselves.

If you would like to submit a picture in response to any of Tanya’s Tasks please email it to us and we will display it in Your Gallery.

(We have reproduced the original notes for the tasks, so there may be references which are not relevant to the ‘exhibition’.)

In March this year Tanya set up WhatsApp and Facebook groups for her students, as she could no longer offer face-to-face tuition.

She then set tasks for the students to tackle and come back with their results and queries.

In all, she set 33 of these tasks, at no cost. For many people this proved to be a lifeline that has saved them from complete isolation.

We are using Tanya’s Tasks as a basis for this online ‘exhibition’.

(There will be a new one each day through the first week of the festival but, in the meantime, we have provided a ‘taster’.)